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1 Act Festival logoThanks to all those that auditioned! The cast are set for Stage Door Productions’ 9th Annual Original Act Festival. They are the following:

Counting on Love

Written by Rod McFadden

Directed by Sheila Clark

VINCENT: Andy Braden

SOPHIA: Heather McIntosh-Braden


Face to Facebook

Written by Mark Harvey Levine

Directed by Bill Green

AMANDA: Heather McIntosh-Braden

MARVIN: Jarrod Champagne

SMART PHONE: Sydney Jo Smith

WAITER: Stephen Brown


Grim Reaper

Written by Dean Bevan

Directed by Erin Leyba

DEAF OLD MAN: David Featherston

DEAF OLD WOMAN: Sydney Jo Smith

GRIM REAPER: Brent Kneipp


Starbucks on Broadway

Written by Scott Lummer

Directed by Kimberly Leone

BARISTA: Phillip Gaul

MARLENA: Siobhan Young

BRAD: Damian Leone


The Dancing Lessons

Written by Connie Schindewolf

Directed by Selena Kairys

MIRIAM: Margo Weber

CATHERINE: Janice Williams Leyba


GEORGE: Andy Braden


The Things She Kept

Written by Aoise Stratford

Directed by Jarrod Champagne

NATALIE: Kaitlin Gates

HANNAH: Margo Weber

ELIZA: Meghan Gates

To get ready for this year’s festival, enjoy these photographs from last year’s Festival courtesy of Stephen Rummel Photography!

Performances are scheduled for April 7-9 and April 14-16, 2016. More information coming soon!