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1 Act Festival logoThe plays for the 9th Annual One Act Festival have been announced! Congratulations to all the playwrights who had their work selected! There were many amazing submissions to choose from this year!

Auditions will be Thursday, February 18 at 7pm and Saturday, February 20 at 2pm at the Kitt Creative Studios located at 810 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia, 22401.

The selections are as follows:

Counting on Love

Written by Rod McFadden

Directed by Sheila Clark


At the end of what seems to be a perfect blind date, VINCENT’s date, SOPHIA, reveals that she has a very specific formula for finding Mr. Right. For Vincent to win his dream girl, his romantic sensibilities must triumph over Sophia’s mathematics and logic. Where does true love start? In the head, or in the heart?


VINCENT: 29 years old, magazine writer
SOPHIA: 27 years old, NYU post-graduate, mathematics

Face to Facebook

Written by Mark Harvey Levine

Directed by Bill Green


Social media prevents Amanda and Marvin from socializing.


Amanda: 20’s-40’s, sweet but nobody’s fool
Marvin: 20’s-40’s, obsessive
Smart Phone: 20’s-30’s, female, beautiful, loaded with apps
Waitress: 20’s-50’s, kind and understanding

Grim Reaper

Written by Dean Bevan

Directed by Erin Leyba


The Grim Reaper comes calling at one old couple’s house but gets a little more than he bargained for.


DEAF OLD MAN: Very hard of hearing, 70 years old or so,
overalls and work shirt or similar shapeless clothing. Speaks
loudly when talking to wife. Country accent.

DEAF OLD WOMAN: Also very hard of hearing, around 70,
shapeless faded housedress. Speaks loudly when talking to
husband. Country accent.

GRIM REAPER: Standard figure of Death, in long black hooded
garment, carrying scythe. Very cultured voice, theatrical
movements. White makeup or skull-mask. White gloves.

Starbucks on Broadway

Written by Scott Lummer

Directed by Kimberly Leone


Marlena and Brad meet at a Starbucks on Broadway in New York. Their conversation is continually interrupted by the announcements of the barista, who is simultaneously doing her job and auditioning for potential producers. Despite their uncanny similarities, Brad and Marlena face one major obstacle in their fledgling relationship.


BARISTA: Female or Male, between 22 and 35. Each order that the Barista yells out is overly enunciated (or potentially sung) with a different extreme dramatic effect, as if he or she is auditioning.

MARLENA: Female, between 25 and 40

BRAD: Male, approximately the same age as Marlena

The Dancing Lessons

Written by Connie Schindewolf

Directed by Selena Kairys


Catherine visits her mother, who has Alzheimer’s, and is in a nursing home. Frustrated that her mother can’t talk to her, Catherine has brought mementos from Miriam’s past in at attempt to spark her memory. It works, but will she really be able to communicate with her?


MIRIAM: 80 years old. An old lady suffering from Alzheimer’s. She sits in a chair
unable to talk to Catherine or make eye contact. She has no lines.

CATHERINE: 50-55 years old. Miriam’s daughter. Patient, sincere, persistent,
saddened by her mother’s condition and tries everything to get her to communicate.

YOUNG MIRIAM: 22 years old. Miriam as a young woman. Energetic, vibrant, and madly in love with George. She is beautiful and is dressed in an evening gown.

GEORGE: 23 years old. Handsome, determined, devoted to Miriam whom he loves deeply. Dressed in a suit or tux.

The Things She Kept

Written by Aoise Stratford

Directed by Jarrod Champagne


Two sisters, Natalie and Hannah, discover some artifacts from their childhood while cleaning out their mother’s attic. But will this discovery be enough to crack through the carefully sealed past and bring back the presence of the sister they lost twenty years ago?


NATALIE: 20’s, visibly pregnant, responsible, serious, sensibly dressed for cleaning out an attic.

HANNAH: 20’s NATALIE’s younger sister, high spirited, a bit of a flake, inappropriately dressed for the job.

ELIZA: 20’s, a ghost. Sister to NATALIE and HANNAH.