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Stage Door Productions next production will be Witness for the Prosecution


This production will be sponsored by the Fredericksburg Parks, Recreation, and Public Facilities department. This will benefit the Rappahannock Legal Services, Inc. You can check out their website here, but stay tuned, cause we are going to have a narrative posted on Thursday from the Development Director at Rappahannock Legal Services Inc., Grace McCormick. She will be speaking more about the collaboration between Stage Door Productions and Rappahannock Legal Services, Inc.

But just like any good Agatha Christie novel, there is a twist to this production. And that is…the production will be held in the former Fredericksburg City Circuit Court in the Renwick Building at 815 Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia, 22401!

What could be cooler than a production about a court room drama being presented in a real court room? And YOU will be there to take in all the action with a seat right in the gallery!

So what is the production all about? As mentioned, the play is based upon a short story by Agatha Christie entitled “The Witness for the Prosecution”. The story was first published in 1933 in The Hound of Death and Other Short Stories, which was only available in the United Kingdom. It was made available in the United States in 1948 when it was included in a collection of short stories entitled The Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories.

The story centers around Leonard Vole who is arrested for the murder of an older lady named Emily French. Ms. French is a wealthy widow and makes Leonard her principal heir, unaware that he is married. Leonard’s wife, Romaine, agrees to testify in the case, not on Leonard’s half, but shockingly as a witness for the prosecution. Things may not be exactly what they seem though, and twists and turns await for the audience in this Agatha Christie story.

Okay, now you know what the production is, a brief synopsis about it, where it is being held, who is putting it on, sponsoring it, and benefiting, now you just need to get your tickets! Don’t wait though because tickets will surely move quickly for this production to be held in the Circuit Court. So, get your ticket and come sit in the gallery for an evening (or afternoon!) of mystery!

Tickets can be purchased online by clicking on the date below for the desired production. Tickets are $15 dollars for adults and $10 dollars for seniors and students.